1. I authored an MCQ book in Anatomy “Review of Anatomy for Exams “ in Apr 2000

      copy right was given to : DAS Publishers, India        

This book covers various aspects of Anatomy and was considered as a valuable asset for the undergraduate medical students to aid in their preparation for final examinations and post graduate entrance examinations.

  1. Extramedullary plasmacytomaLiterature review and and case report –

published  in Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion Of Health – Dec 2000 Vol. 120, UK.

 Authors : Dr.M.Ganesh, Dr.Sai Sankar, Dr.R.Jagannathan.

  1. Giant Sigmoid Diverticulum – Review article and case report  – Published in    Gastroenterology Today journal  in March 2003, UK.

Authors: Dr.M.Ganesh, Dr.I.Salam.

  1. Article on Macroamylasaemia – Literature review and Case report –published in Journal of Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, UK.

Authors: Dr.M.Ganesh, Dr.I.Salam

  1. All Strictures are not crohn’s –Review article case report – published in Gastroenterology  Today journal March 2006, UK

Authors: Dr.M.Ganesh, Dr.M.Desai, Dr.P.Issacs.

  1. Pancreatic GIST and its response to iminitab – Review article and case report

Published in Gastroenterology today journal , UK. Vol 18(2),  page 50-51.

Authors : Dr.M.Ganesh, Dr.Sunil kumar, Dr.Y.Ang,

8. A Case Report on Bovine Colostrum as a Potential Therapeutic Agent Alternative to Treat Gastrointestinal Complications of Common Variable Immunodeficiency Case includes treating rare disease with new novel drug therapy for the first time in the world

Published in Cureus, Cureus 14(6): e25594. doi:10.7759/cureus.25594

Author : Dr.M.Ganesh



  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Is it associated with managing financial difficulty and

low self-esteem?

    This is a large prospective case control study involving a sample population of 3600. This work was co-ordinated with  public health Department. This study clearly established a link between Irritable bowel syndrome and Managing financial difficulty. Various other associated factors with Irritable bowel syndrome were also analysed in this study.

Poster presentation – DDW, Chicago 2005. I was awarded the best oral Research presentation for this study in the Northwest Gastroenterology meet, Lake District Windermere (June 2005)

Authors: Dr.M.Ganesh. Dr.N.Haslam, Dr.P.Campbell, Dr.P.Dey,

  1. Rhematological Manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus

     This is a prospective case control study. it established a statistically significant association between occurrence of early osteoarthritis in patients who were chronically suffering from diabetes mellitus compared to Non-Diabetic population. This research work was my thesis, accepted by Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Madras (Formerly Madras Medical University). This work led to the completion of my masters degree (M.D) in General Medicine in

    (Mar 2000)

     Authors: Dr.M.Ganesh

  1. Parasitic infestation in childrenAs a 3rd year Medical student I undertook this short- term research in P.S.G Institute of Medical Sciences in Collaboration with Masonic Children’s hospital in Coimbatore, which was funded by Indian Council of Medical Research. This work helped me to obtain a research certificate from ICMR 1993.