Gastroscopy or ogd scope means using a small tube like instrument fitted with a tiny light source and a small tiny lens, we will be able to see the inside of the food pipe , stomach and upper part of small intestine (see image). The tube is 9mm in diameter and is less than the diameter of the little finger. The tube goes through mouth, enters the back of the throat, goes into the food pipe, stomach and upper part of small intestine called duodenum.(Please see the animation for better understanding) . The process is similar to the normal route of the food passage. Instructions before undergoing endoscopy testing. Should be fasting 6 hrs prior to the procedure. Ideal to do in the morning after overnight fasting. If you had your break fast, the procedure can still be done 6 hrs after having food. You will be given adequate information prior to the procedure The throat will be numbed by using a anaesthetic spray. For people who wants to sleep during the procedure , a mild sedation can be given through the veins . You will be lying on to the left side during the procedure and if u wish, u can watch the whole procedure on the monitor. It’s a very safe procedure . it takes hardly 5 min to do the procedure.

The process is similar to gastroscopy, Colonoscopy is used to examine the large bowel and the terminal part of the small bowel called ileum. The diameter of the tube is similar to the diameter of the little finger. This involves a tube going through the anus and proceeding towards different parts of the large bowel including the rectum, sigmoid (left side large bowel) , transverse (mid part of large bowel), ascending colon ( right side large bowel), caecum ( last portion of the large bowel), and finally into the terminal ileum ( last part of the small bowel) – for better understanding of the procedure , please see the animation.